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At Firma, we frame anything so if you have not found what you are looking for in menu above then please contact us for custom framing options.

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We Frame Anything

The process - Your Frame. Your Choice


Step 1:

Search for the item you'd like to frame in the top menu above. If it's not there head to Custom Framing on the right!

Step 2:

Contact us or request a call back and tell us about your item. Be sure to have the exact dimensions to hand and an idea of your preferred framing option.

Step 3:

Visit us with your item to discuss the framing and mounting options available and to place the order

Step 4:

If your order is received before 4pm we will have your finished item framed and ready to pick up the following day

Step 5:

Mount your item on the wall of your choice and bask in its newly framed glory!
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Professional Custom Framing

We offer custom framing services in Worcester, Worcestershire and the West Midlands area. Our mantra is that we frame anything so if you have not managed to find what you would like to frame in the menus above then please contact us for option and prices.

We offer a wide range of services from football shirt framing to any other sizes sports items to trophies and medal framing. It’s a comprehensive service with no limits. Whatever the size or shape of item in your collection, we can frame it.

Here are 10 Unusual Things You Can Frame

Maps – We have seen county maps framed, which look great on the wall, especially if you are into orienteering or you’re a cartographer!

These can be framed in exactly the way we frame prints and photos, mounted with a frame added.

Architectural Drawings – In a similar way to maps for any architects or collectors of drawings, we mount and frame in the same way.

Puzzles – We have seen puzzles such as jigsaws stuck together, mounted, and framed. So if you have a favourite scene you would like us to frame just let us know.

Pennants and Flags – A person who studies flags is a vexillologist so if you have a collection why not consider flag framing? They would certainly brighten up your walls!

Stamps – Many stamp collections are held in fusty binders, so if you are a dedicated philatelist and you’d considered stamp framing but never done it, now’s the time to contact us!

Coins – Similar to stamps, most coin collection never see the light of day. So, if you are an ardent numismatist then why not consider coin framing? We mount them singly or as part of a bigger collection.

Comics & Magazine – There are some stunning examples of early Marvel and DC comics, or maybe you have a magazine from a significant event? Either way, we can mount and preserve these moments for you. A person who collects comic books is called a Pannapictagraphist, so if you are considering comic framing then just give us a call.

Books – This is an obvious one. If you are a dedicated book collector or bibliophile, then in these times of instant information you are becoming something of a rarity, then contact us. Some books can be quite heavy so we would need to discuss with you the best mounting option.

Postcards – This used to be a huge things when saucy postcards adorned the streets of every seaside town. They are still there but not quite so in your face! Did you know that a post card collector is a Deltiologists? If you’d like your postcards framing please call us, we can mount them individually or as part of a collection.

Records and CDs – It’s a fairly common practice to frame your favourite album cover, but if you have a super rare item and need it looking after then call us. We are framing specialists and can frame anything. Vinyl albums need particular care so for the musicologist on your life, if you need record framing then please give us a call!

Other unusual items for framing: letters, recipes, silhouettes, ornaments, textiles and clothing – and anything else you can think of, so get creative – get framing!

For a full list of collecting terms have a look here:

CALL: 01905 964155