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Have your prized piece professionally mounted by one of our framers. Choose from a variety of matting and mounting options to suit your photo, print or picture!

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Professional Mounting

We offer professional picture mounting services in Worcester, Worcestershire and the West Midlands. Most photographs look better on the wall when they are professionally mounted. It allows for portfolios which are a small collection of photos mounted in several different ways. Of course you can simply affix a photo to the wall, but placing it in the centre of a mount elevates the print beyond the realms of mere paper, and up to the status of a piece of art. Since most professional photographers view their work as art, then it makes sense to treat the piece with respect and have it mounted. This is achieved by mounting, matting, and then framing the work, ready for hanging in your preferred space!

We achieve this by using a backing board for your print. When a wide border is used it gives the image greater gravitas. You can imagine an old master surrounded by a large mount with just the small painting in the middle, as if the frame and border were more important, when clearly the opposite is true. It’s the same with photos and prints; the wider the border and the fancier the frame then the greater the emphasis on the artform, elevating it beyond a mere piece of paper.

The board helps protect the piece from warping, buckling, or wrinkling under its own weight. The glass front protects it from fading, UV rays and dust. We use an acid free backer to protect your pieces so the material used is not damaged in any way. This form of ‘conservation framing’ your art from damaging contaminates and staining, which provides for a long life.

There are of course many choices of frame, glazing (we can also use plexiglass) and backing material which we will advise you of when we contact you.

Finally, professional mounting involves fixing your piece of art, photo or print to a rigid backer. We can do this several ways.

  1. Dry-Mounting – where the piece is stuck to a board (commonly used for photographs).
  2. Photo Corners – where the piece is held in place using corner mounts.
  3. Hinge Mounts – where the piece is held in place using these.

Please contact us for all picture mounting options in Worcester and the surrounding area, and be assured that Firma Framing will do a highly professional job!

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