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We are professional at poster framing company offering services in Worcester, Worcestershire and the West Midlands from rare film posters, railway and travel to boxing, concert and special events posters. Please contact us for a range of poster framing options.

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Step 1:

Search for the item you'd like to frame in the top menu above. If it's not there head to Custom Framing on the right!

Step 2:

Contact us or request a call back and tell us about your item. Be sure to have the exact dimensions to hand and an idea of your preferred framing option.

Step 3:

Visit us with your item to discuss the framing and mounting options available and to place the order

Step 4:

If your order is received before 4pm we will have your finished item framed and ready to pick up the following day

Step 5:

Mount your item on the wall of your choice and bask in its newly framed glory!
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Professional Poster Framing

We offer professional poster framing services in Worcester, Worcestershire and the West Midlands. Whether it’s memory of a special concert, a poster of a favourite band or event or a true collectible, Firma can frame it. We are professionals at poster framing and can frame any size you can think of!

Most posters tend to be eye catching and visually striking, intended to convey information and as such tend to stand out much more than simple paintings or pictures. Originally intended to promote and event or sell a product or service, many have striking graphics and text to grab the attention in one glance. The origins are in advertising when standing out against the drab walls on which they were affixed was the main priority.

It took a hundred years or so for posters to be recognised as an art from in themselves. Towards the end of the nineteenth century, notable artists jumped on the poster bandwagon, creating their own unique versions as art. These include Toulouse-Lautrec and Harry Meredith.

Poster framing went hand in hand with the development of posters as art. No longer was it acceptable to leave the pieces to fray around the edges. Framing was the perfect technique to protect the edges, so that they could be enjoyed for generations rather than few raggy weeks on a city wall!

We frame all manner of poster, from rare movie posters, railway and travel posters to special prints to celebrate an exhibition or event. Other posters we frame are concert posters, boxing posters and pin-ups.

Firma has  number of framing options to suit that treasured poster in your collection.

CALL: 01905 964155